Happy New Years

Happy New Year to everybody. Even though time is a silly human construct, lets use this one to fix something that went wrong and improve on what went right.


10,000 Hours


Being busy with school and life, mainly life, has been an obstacle when it comes to creating and releasing content. Not bringing my workstation to this dorm with me means I’m definately lacking in just stock work that I can bring up, moreover lacking in some of my portfolio content that I’ve created but forgot to upload. From September through October I rarely took my camera out for anything, no actual shots or even practicing which isn’t a good thing to do.

I’m finally at it again after viewing some good portfolios and finally looking at my Flickr again, as well as uploading a few White Tail Deer photos that I did manage to take. But in short I’ve been lacking, not contributing to the 10,000 hours at all which is a shame as this isn’t just a hobby for me. However I have been shooting photos for the school’s football team the last two weeks, and this from last night. An attempt at clear night photos which aren’t easy. Either ways I’m going to try to keep up with the content, check my Flickr portfolio out as well as I upload different photos on there and this blog.

Till next time.

Panoramic Disaster

Since this blog is AlifeOfJimmy, featuring me, Jimmy, I can post whatever I want in relation to myself :’). Well with that, I’m a firm believer of posting more than just one’s successes which helps as filler posts. This is an old photo from January of this year. It was cold, it was getting dark, and the idea of a panaroma came at the last minute after a day of snow shooting.  Did I mention that it was cold, and getting dark…and cold? Plastic and metal surprising aren’t the greatest things to hold in gloveless hands.

But I digress. Were the shots blurry? Partially. How many shots were there? A LOT! Did I combine them manually? Funny joke – no. And well behold the result.


Snow Panorama

I can always go and fix it myself if I want but I’ll probably give it another 10 months to deliberate over. Also I have to figure out why my larger photos don’t enlarge, it’s pretty lame to have a big one like this that just stays…small.

An August Day in Trenton

Wednesday on a whim I decided that I’d go outside and capture our small Capitol city. Trenton is historic, third oldest capitol in the States and established in 1792. The site of a major battle in the American Revolution, a key hub city in the 50s, and an industrial manufacturing giant at one point in time.


Now it’s changed with the times. More urbanized, more poverty, more bureaucracy, and more forgotten.

trenton clouds
Downtown Trenton on a sunny day

But not to me. There’s always something to find or see, you just have to look. It’s not a bad place, it just got caught up in the motions & the politics and began to stagnate. It happens to the best of places, however all that needs to happen is a cultural renaissance. Kind of way I created my page which I’m going to link to. My page post

It’s a small page, just me. The smart thing would be to keep it separate but my username kind of gives things away. I don’t really know where I’m going with it or how I’m going to do it, I have these ideas but the real reality is that I’m just a 25 former drop out turned college student without a dollar in his pocket trying to create change without even knowing where I’m going myself. It’s a work in progress, kind of like Trenton, but I’ll continue doing spotlights of during things and see where it takes me.

Graffiti Mural Portrait
Mural on South Broad & Front Street

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‘Till next post, stay real and stay beautiful!

Reminder: Life happens in a flash

This happened about around fifty yards away from our window. One second it’s just a normal street, the next second a car runs over a street sign and crashes into a telephone pole, later a passerby on a bike was almost hit by one of the falling wires that got stuck on a passing city bus. The limited knowledge I have is that it had something to do with the driver in front suddenly stopping that caused the accident but regardless of that it serves a reminder to always pay attention – no matter what you’re doing. Nobody here was severely injured but all it takes is one moment. That’s it. Crossing the street without looking, not paying attention to the rode, not checking a weapon before cleaning it, adding too much oil while cooking, so on and so on.

One second is all it takes to go from normalcy to disaster. Always be aware of what you’re doing and what’s going on because things happen when we least expect it to. That’s all I have to say. Love ~ Jamil.


No picture in this post because I’m being a little bit lazy but I just wanted to talk about responsibility it takes to stay consistent.

Man, it is hard. I’ve always wondered why people who are in teh media spotlight for whatever their craft is suddenly just disappear, or don’t post as much, don’t market their music, or fall off from creating internet videos, etc. And now I kind of understand it – it takes effort to actually continue to engage. It’s like starting a new hobby, the whole concept of it taking about 21 days for something to become a routine. Well with this it’s completely easy to kill the routine before it starts. I don’t feel like opening up lightroom or taking photos, or editing those photos. Everything sucks and is dreary, life is hard down here and I just don’t feel like doing it.

Procrastinating  though, procrastinating is so much easier to do. I can watch videos on Youtube all day and get nothing day. Sit around, also eat food. Yum, yum, yum, consuming things is so comfortable, so complacent – so easy.

I always have to remind myself when I start letting myself slip off the wagon that being comfortable means living a life where none of my dreams will be fulfilled. It’s okay to take it easy here and there but never let it become a routine. That’s my responsibility to myself.

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