10,000 Hours


Being busy with school and life, mainly life, has been an obstacle when it comes to creating and releasing content. Not bringing my workstation to this dorm with me means I’m definately lacking in just stock work that I can bring up, moreover lacking in some of my portfolio content that I’ve created but forgot to upload. From September through October I rarely took my camera out for anything, no actual shots or even practicing which isn’t a good thing to do.

I’m finally at it again after viewing some good portfolios and finally looking at my Flickr again, as well as uploading a few White Tail Deer photos that I did manage to take. But in short I’ve been lacking, not contributing to the 10,000 hours at all which is a shame as this isn’t just a hobby for me. However I have been shooting photos for the school’s football team the last two weeks, and this from last night. An attempt at clear night photos which aren’t easy. Either ways I’m going to try to keep up with the content, check my Flickr portfolio out as well as I upload different photos on there and this blog.

Till next time.


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