Two Posts, One Blog

Back in black, with another post. As I still try to find my flow and style, and consistency, one thing I have to remind myself is this isn’t just a photography blog. It’s an outlet, for creativity, and theraputic release of thoughts – hence the name Alifeofjimmy (that’s me). An attempt for me to show the world through my eyes as an individual and artist, but also as a black male that coexists with the forgotten parts of American society. To tell my story, their story, but also grow. It’s a strange complicated algorithm that I’m still figuring out but as long as I keep at this, I’m on the right path. Of course, with that being said I still have to post a photo.


Twisting Road
Twisted – The Empty Road ; EOS 350D, 155mm, 1/400, 200 ISO

The Weekly Photo Challenge has run its course but regardless, the theme of the final one was Twisted. And for me, this was the perfect image that fit the theme when compared to where my thought process was when I took it.

That day I had to get out of my current place of residence (that’s for another post) and ended up doing a photo-walk of sorts. This photo was the precourser to those series of images (also for another post)  that all fit the theme of where I was mentally, have been, and still am. The road is a straight path except it isn’t completely, it’s a manmade construct coexisting in nature’s world and rule. In our minds as we drive by it’s a straight path but upon closer inspection, it has slight bends, and twists, it isn’t perfect.

Incoming Sadness

For me it relates to have I’ve felt about life, in a way. That photo-walk I mentioned before is a series of images of me walking in the opposite path on my way back home. And regardless of the direction, the theming reigns true. That empty road is one I’ve traversed many times, in a metaphoric sense and somewhat literal. I’ve gone miles on foot just to get where I have to get, but also journeyed far in life, albiet almost entirely on my own, dealing with the ever constant twists and bends that come with it – on a path that feels like it’s been going out into infinity, with the horizon shrouded by the trees thus the path ahead is still a step into foreign lands, thoughts, experiences, yet as I push on the weariness continues to grow. The vibrance is hard to find, just a monochromatic dull.

It served(s) as a retrospective for myself. I’m tired and want to quit, like if life was a video game with the hope that there truthfully is a restart button. on the outside people see an intelligence 26 year old, tall, musular and athletic, focused. But on the inside it’s a swamp of two decades of repressed emotions.

And that’s where the shameless self plug comes in.  My pride doesn’t let me quit – not yet, because there is a story to be told, a vision that I’ve long had.  Even if it was to all end soon, I’d at least want the world to know that I was here. That we were here. So I’m using my Youtube channel again, no longer as a dump of nonsense but as a path to evolution and growth, per say.  For almost a decade now I’ve been the man behind the camera but never in front of it, “you need to find your story before you tell others,” an older resident of my city said to me during a conversation last year. And in the way, this blog, the channel, my instagram (currently taking a break) is my way of still trying that.

Cause before I can try to reach out to others that are voiceless, I need my own voice. I think. It’s all a work in progress.

By the way in case anybody is interested, here’s the latest video. It’s kind of comedic but has a second half that tells a story. A few videos ago I posted something about finding one’s story, which was really just a video I made for myself . This is kind of working towards it – using each and every media post as stepping stone. As I said, it’s all a work in progress. And always, if you like what I’m doing or just find it itneresting, feel free to share as I keep this ship steady and hopefully add to the international word something different than what popular TV media shows them.

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