Panoramic Disaster

Since this blog is AlifeOfJimmy, featuring me, Jimmy, I can post whatever I want in relation to myself :’). Well with that, I’m a firm believer of posting more than just one’s successes which helps as filler posts. This is an old photo from January of this year. It was cold, it was getting dark, and the idea of a panaroma came at the last minute after a day of snow shooting.  Did I mention that it was cold, and getting dark…and cold? Plastic and metal surprising aren’t the greatest things to hold in gloveless hands.

But I digress. Were the shots blurry? Partially. How many shots were there? A LOT! Did I combine them manually? Funny joke – no. And well behold the result.


Snow Panorama

I can always go and fix it myself if I want but I’ll probably give it another 10 months to deliberate over. Also I have to figure out why my larger photos don’t enlarge, it’s pretty lame to have a big one like this that just stays…small.


Weekly Challenge: Photo Challenge

The timing for the Collage Weekly Challenge by DailyPost couldn’t have been any more perfect for this. It’s something that I’ve been putting together for the last couple days, the PSD file is 2.3gigs, my poor PC was ready to fight me. It’s brief idea that I originally had about a year ago while looking over some random snaps I took, which just happened to come to back to mind and into fruition one day when I had my camera on me on the way to school. I can’t really say more as this one is up for the viewer.

trash pollution litter
Collage | Five Mile Walk To Class

But with all that out of the way, printing and framing the 24 x 22in version of this should be fun.