2014 Eventful Mistakes And Learning

Growing Pains!

As with the reoccurring trend, a lot of the early work is un-accessible thanks to the drive they’re on being damaged and myself being a broke millennial, so, Facebook saves the day again. Partially.

Anywho, still learning a lot on my own using my Canon XT with stock 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and absolutely 100% had no idea what that means. The smaller the millimeter the less, the higher the more. Duh! Simple zooming. But when it came to aperture I was and would be completely ignorant for a long time. Heck, at this time my two programs were zRaw and Gimp, because broke former highschool student. Broke is the other reoccurring trend.
The camera was still just little more than a snap and shoot for me that I occasionally took out and looking back on it that’s fine. Still learning virtually from scratch and understood none of the terminology – “Iso makes things brighter! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” nor the camera. Mistakes are going to be made! A

(Although you can’t see that because I lost most of them)

Photos: Gardened the park in front of my house along with a neighbor, and bringing my camera to the final game of the season of my amateur football team.


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