My Introduction To Photography


Funny enough I was never really interested in photography nor videography. I never really knew what I wanted to do growing up outside of nothing making the same mistakes my family made, and make a lot of money. Mistakes were made and I still have no money however photography and the media field came to me in ironic fashion. I like art and drawing but as a growing preteen/teenager rebel-to-be-chaos-extraordinaire photography was one of the many things I’d make fun of when the topic came up because

“it’s just taking pictures.”


So of course, years later after a period of discovering myself I ended up in media classes at an alternative high-school and long story short met two teachers who would ultimately peak my interest into the field; Francis & Smith. Two people who I still know some five years later.

The first DSLR use was in my digital photography class with Mrs. Smith.

Fun Fact: Thanks to my own proficiency she let me do my own thing, and by my own I mean essays and research projects on photography history! I didn’t dislike it one bit (it ended up being useful). In fact she owned a Rebel XT and instead of just borrowing the school cameras for the class projects, let me hold on to hers for an extended time along with the manual and a photography book. I now own that very same camera.

Early Shots With The Bros

*I lost most of the shots on a dead harddrive I don’t have the funds to recover but when in doubt – FACEBOOK UPLOADS SAVE THE DAY* (with added compression) 😥

Humble Beginnings From 2012


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